XLr8 Tools For Universe, Unidata, D3 and QM Basic Programs

What can you do with XLr8 Tools?

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  • Edit UniBasic Programs
  • Search source in workspace
  • Real compiler errors as you type
  • Edit dictionary files
  • Edit any data file
  • Create objects for Web access
  • Create HTML for Web access
  • Install releases on any system
  • Resize files
  • Create web or query reports
  • Create, Copy or Delete files and dictionaries
  • Delete items within files
  • Rename files or items
  • Version control for programs, dictionaries, procs and synchronization
  • Access to GIT, SVN, TFS OR CVS
  • Synchronization from database
  • TCL/ECL command window
  • Deploy HTML forms to the web
  • Deploy BIRT reports to the web
  • Deploy JavaScript to the web
  • Ask us about TRIAL versions

XLr8Editor (With XLr8Dictionary)

Full screen editor that allows you to view includes, subroutines, and other source code at a touch of the mouse.


This dictionary editor is a program that allows you to see the entire dictionary in a single form.

XLr8Developer (With XLr8Object Editor)

This web developer allows programmers and even users to create web forms with little knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

XLr8Object Editor

This object editor program is an essential part of the web development effort.


This installer creates an XML file used to capture the files, dictionaries, programs, and even data that you are using to build a release.


You can gather statistics, resize a single file, resize selected files, and perform many other options.


This is an ODA interface to use a Eclipse based tool called BIRT. BIRT is used by over 2.5 million programmers world wide for creating reports.

U2Weblink™ Middleware

U2Weblink™ captures when users login and what they access automatically.