XLr8Resizer For Universe and Unidata databases

XLr8Resizer Tool - Purchase

This resize tool is one that no U2 shop can be complete without this tool. You can gather statistics, resize a single file, resize selected files, and perform many other options. Additionally, we have added the ability to export the commands, save history, graph history, run resizing later through the job processing software.

XLr8 Resizer gathers statistics, calculates the optimum modulo and hashing type, and resizes hashed or dynamic files. No longer do you need to know the commands to maintain your U2 file system. XLr8Resizer does not require downloaded software on your U2 database. You can be resizing with a few clicks of your mouse. XLr8Resizer supports Unidata from release 8.1 to current and Universe 11.3 to current.