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This editor is a full screen editor that allows you to view includes, subroutines, and other source code at a touch of the mouse. Color code reserved words, multiple undo levels, code formatter, and many more features. Here is a compile screen shot. If you have hundreds or thousands of programs the ability to filter is shown here. The ability locate variables is a simple as double click on the variable in question. Additionally, this is what a search would look like through your entire Unibasic directory. This editor is the only Eclipse plug-in that is SOX complaint. Using our U2WebLink and our XLr8 Subroutines capture when the records are updated, time updated, by whom, what file, and what record. See this example. The only Eclipse based editor to support Version control

With the XLr8 Editor, you can edit any program or piece of data from the database directly from the Eclipse environment. XLr8 Editor plugin provides scrolling, keyboard and mouse navigation, copy / paste ability, reserved words and comments highlighting for Universe and Unidata developers.

Within XLr8Editor is a feature that checks your syntax against the real database compiler which is called continious compile. In the below example, if you remove the right side assignment you would get the following error.

If you cannot remember what the variable, code completion is available. Using the standard Ctrl and space together will bring up content assist box matching the first few characters you have entered.