U2WebLink™ Middle-ware for U2 databases

U2WebLink™ - Annual Subscription (minimum 3)

U2WebLink™ war file for Apache Tomcat 9.0 and 10.0


U2WebLink™ is like a tunnel between forms and objects, and the database. U2WebLink™ allows you to access your U2 database while running your applications on the Web.

XLr8 U2WebLink™ features:

  • Uses JSON-RPC for communication between browser and web server
  • Requires Java 11 or greater JVM on the server
  • Allows for multiple machines and accounts via an XML configuration file
  • Highly Scalable web server
  • Used only Unidata or Universe database licensing
  • Uses UniObjects for Java (UOJ) to talk to the U2 databases
  • Build in Webserver that can be used to call your own subroutines
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tool(BIRT) for PDF, HTML, DOCX, XLSX, and PCL output.