FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

The advantages of a NoSQL Database include being able to handle:
  • Large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Agile sprints, quick iteration, and frequent code pushes
  • Object-oriented programming that is easy to use and flexible
  • Efficient, scale-out architecture instead of expensive, monolithic architecture
  • More secure than Relational Database Applications.

  • Today, companies leverage NoSQL databases for a growing number of use cases. NoSQL databases also tend to be open-source and that means a relatively low-cost way of developing, implementing and sharing software.

Open Source Software Applications are easily customizable, more affordable, easily scalable and typically more secure than Blocked Source Modeled Software Applications.
Our software applications are web-based and managed/stored in the cloud. Servers that host applications in the cloud have multiple layers of security and are regularly updated with the latest software security patches as well as backed up daily. Additionally, we replicate all tranasactions to a off-line database.
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