Software Applications

U2logic applications are all customizable and built on a NoSQL database which has many scalabilities, security, and developmental advantages over most commonly used Relational Databases (RDBMS). Our database does support SQL but we have expressly removed that functionality by design which reduces many malevolent issues.

Driver Scheduling

One of the most important assets is your drivers. We have a system that keeps track of their time off, whether paid or unpaid. The system uses a simple calendar for entry feeding our database backend. Drivers can request time off through our mobile application and can be texted back when the request has been approved.


Using Roadnet or other routing software we can import that data to allow the system more granularity to control drivers and equipment. Aligning equipment and doors for your warehouse is as easy as point and click. Your shuttle loads that are not routed through Roadnet are under software dispatch control. Download our Dispatch datasheet here.

Customer Routing

We offer a robust system to keep track of the information relates to the delivery of the product. Such as cross streets, approach, dangers, restrictions, pallet delivery to name a few. This means when we can print out detailed instructions for the routing manifest. The manifest information is available with our mobile application which allows real-time updating.

Driver Component Payroll

Our component pay system is table-driven so you can control how your drivers get paid. Each distribution center or dispatch region can pay differently with full integration to your current payroll service company. With mobile access, your drivers can see their pay sheets anytime. Download our Dispatch Pay Incentive Sheet here.

Accident Tracking

Through our mobile application, we can capture all of the information that happened at the accident time. No more relying on the driver's recollection of those events. Our application takes the driver step by step to capture all of the pertinent data. Within seconds of entry, the appropriate management is text notified and can see the data entered by the driver through any browser.

Warehouse Personnel Management

At each distribution center, we keep track of the skills and availability of all your warehouse personnel. You have the ability to keep track of employee's schedules whether through shift scheduling or our easy-to-use calendar for scheduled or unscheduled off time.