Software Applications

U2logic Software Solutions are all customizable and built on a NoSQL database which has many scalability, security and developmental advantages over most commonly used Relational Databases (RDBMS).

Beverage Distribution

Our distribution software package was originally developed for the Beverage Distribution Industry, but it's fully customizable for any industry. Some of the prominent components include a robust CRM, Accounting, Payroll, Inventory Management, Route Delivery Logistics and integration with Mobile devices.


Using Roadnet or other routing software we can import that data to allow the system more granularity to control drivers and equipment. Aligning equipment and doors for your warehouse is as easy as point and click. Your shuttle loads which are not routed through Roadnet are under software dispatch control. Download our Dispatch data sheet here.


Our robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software product integrates with our other packages. It incorporates our known flexibility with the Web's easy of use. Your contacts can be attached to a single customer or multiple customers. The CRM integrates with fully with email by Google called Gmail.

Driver Component Payroll

Our component pay system is table driven so you can control how your drivers get paid. Each distribution center or dispatch region can pay differently with full integration to your current payroll service company. With mobile access, your drivers can see their pay sheets anytime. Download our Dispatch Pay Incentive Sheet here.

Small Business Accounting

This software includes a complete Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables with Purchase Orders and General Ledger system for small businesses. This is a journal based system that supports hundreds of thousands of transactions. It is a multi-company system that allows consolidation of companies for financial purposes.

Warehouse Component Payroll

Your warehouse personnel can get component pay system just like your drivers. Each distribution center can pay differently with full integration to your current payroll service company. With mobile access, your warehouse personnel can see their pay sheets anytime.