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U2logic has the fully integrated web technology into the U2 (the Universe® or Unidata®) databases from Rocket Software. Using a full JavaScript library that provides a complete set of Ajax- powered UI components to build enterprise-level webapplications with clean interface, fast performance, and rich user experience.

We have brought to U2 databases many of the same tools the rest of the programming world enjoys. We have based our entire tool set on Eclipse IDE. There are many products we have developed to fill those ancient holes for Universe, Unidata, D3, and QM databases. This family of tools is called XLr8.

These open technologies such as the web server Apache Tomcat, our reporting software is built on Business Intellegence Reporting Tools (BIRT), our job scheduling software is built on Job Scheduling, and we are using JSON-RPC as our lightweight remote procedure call protocol between the browser and the web server.

If your software vendor is not leveraging open source, or reducing your operating expenses, or not using state of the art code, then you should be contacting us via email or calling us at 303-659-8778.